Anthro Friday the 13th

The classic cinima slasher, now has a tail
Anthro Friday the 13th cover
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Anthro Friday the 13th cover
12th Oct 2020, 10:22 PM
Author Notes:
Happy Friday the..... er.... Screw it. the next Friday the 13th is months from now, and now that this simply fantastic cover by Houkuko is done, lets get this thing rolling!

Welcome to the start of my Anthropomorphic retelling of Friday the 13th! This is a fan project based on the original film and characters created by Victor Miller, Sean S. Cunningham and Ron Kurz.

I do want to thank Paul Sied for his contribution to the lettering (so we all don't have to try and decode my doctor's script)
Also thank you to Houkuko Mewies Midgee and Fu-do for volunteering their characters as Crystal Lake campers (Additional thanks also to the campers who had to be cut out of this project).
More thanks to Houkuko for this incredible cover!
And finally thank you to all of my Patreon backers who helped fuel this mad ride.

Enough yammering lets get on with Anthro Friday the 13th!
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User comments:
LGSZ (Guest)
I'm not into that kind of stuff normally but I loved it !
It even sparked my interest to start watching horror movies.
Thanks and good work !
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Thank you very much. There is a lot to enjoy in the horror genre and I hope you are able to find something you like :)
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You have my curiosity
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